Oneteo Technology empower you to correspond with your clients by calling their mobile or landline numbers anyplace in India with a pre-recorded voice message. This service allows you to send prerecorded Voice Calls on thousands of mobile numbers, it gives you most penetrative reach to customers.


  1. Voice calls helps you to upgrade your business.
  2. Voice calls helps your Company to create Brand image.
  3. Share our information to clients, companions, and whatever other group.
  4. Use your own language & Voice.
  5. Best way of communication tool for generating leads, notifying events,
  6. Use it for promotions of campaigns like social or political Election campaign, surveys.
  7. Use it as reminders such as voting, insurance premium etc.

Simple Plan

  1. Unlimited Validity
  2. High Priority Premium Gateway
  3. Best Price
  4. Your own Voice recording.
  5. Send voice SMS to all DND & non DND mobile numbers.
  6. Send Up to 5 Lakh Voice call in a single day.


Rs 25,000 = 1 lakh Call
(with 15 Second Pulse)

Special limited time offer

Rs 20,000 till 15 August

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment should be advance.
  2. Data is provided by client.
  3. Unlimited Validity means 1 year.
  4. Call broadcasting will follow.